Coach Resources

Netball New Zealand Resoucres

Netball New Zealand have released a number of helpful resources have been released to help outline what to coach to specific age and skill levels. Click images or links below to access full PDFs.

Power Up Your Coaching​​​​​​​ 

Coaching Diary 

Team Formation and Selecting Resource

Tournament Resource for Coaches

​​​​​​​Community Coach Starter Resource - for college & lower club level coaches providing 12 training session plans

Year 9 & 10 Season Starter Programme - for Year 9 & 10 players.  Includes 8 session plans and specialist sessions

The Coach & Manager's Handbook - for clubs/schools to help prep their coaches & managers for the season ahead ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​YouTube video links for activities featured in the futureFERNS Year 1-8 resources

futureFERNS Prepare to Play Resource - assists with returning to netball after Covid Alert Level transitions

Manager Resources

Netball New Zealand Resources

Netball NZ are excited to release four resources specifically for team managers.​​​​​​​Click links or images below to access.

It’s great to be able to provide support and tips to this incredible group of volunteers. The resources focus on the fundamental skills and elements required of the role and then branch out into more specific aspects of a Netball season.   

Visit Netball NZ's Manager's Resource Library for more templates including accommodation briefing form, core values exercise, team pre-season questionnaire, score sheet, general game statistics, shooting statistics, team contacts and team expenses.  Scroll down the page to find Managers section or search page using CTRL+F.