Netball Smart Resources

NetballSmart is the official injury prevention programme of Netball New Zealand

NetballSmart is an evidence-based framework made up of 6 principles. It helps improve your performance in sport by preventing injuries.

  1. Smart Preparation - prepares the mind and body before you reach the court. Click here for resource
  2. Dynamic warm-up, cool down and recovery. Click here for resource
  3. Smart movement -  developing players skills and technique correctly which allows them to complete and enjoy their sport. Click here for resource
  4. Smart Training - ensuring the players body is prepared to play. This includes loading, endurance, strength, power and flexibility. Click here for resource
  5. Smart Player Well-being/Welfare - Ensuring there is a holistic awareness and approach to a players health and wellbeing. Click here for resource
  6. Smart Injury Management - ensuring injuries are identified, assessed and reported early.  Click here for resource